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Thursday, June 01, 2006
Help that cathey kitty! What are you doing there ?
Written at 12:17 AM by Unknown.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
i hope you go 2 hell when u die because that is sooooooooooo mean it would hurt so bad you freak!!!!! You are stpuid you fat, hideous asshole!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Are you a moron? Not all cactus have sharp bits on them. Some of them are VERY soft so it wouldnt hurt. i doubt it would still be hanging on if it was hurting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
the catus shown in the pic is one of few cati that have no thorns the cat was not in pain and most cats would avoid cati because of the thorns thats why they are put in pots with other plants. so the cats dont use them as a bathroom because they are afraid of the thorns. duh!!!