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Saturday, June 17, 2006
Very ugly cat.
Written at 12:52 AM by Unknown.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
You really think that's funny,huh?! Well, screw you! I hope someone takes a picture of you in the shower then post it on the internet and we'll see how you like it, and that one with the cat on the telephone pole? How would you feel if you saw that cat fall off the pole and DIE!!!!!! I think you would do nothing, you cruel person!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
stupid idiot

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Is that your cat?!?!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Bathing a cat is difficult, and sometimes necessary. I hardly think it qualifies as cruel. I had a cat who managed to get himself tangled in a flypaper strip. (Never underestimate a cat's interest in flies nor his ability to jump somewhere you thought was out of reach!) I had to cut paper and glue out of his hair and bathe him. Was that cruel? I think it would've been far crueler to have left him like that.

I find this picture adorable. Longhairs always look funnier wet than shorthairs do!

You don't actually think the cat is embarrassed that its photo is online, do you? Um, you think it even knows its photo is being taken? You're anthropomorphizing. It's just a wet cat. And... it's funny!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
my cat cluthces the door knob everytime i take him to the bathroom. but after the bath he actually enjoys the effect of the bath... its refreshing . i give him bath once a month..some times once in two months.
other wise he will be roaming with all the dust and dirt on his fur. leaving his dirty footprints all around the house ..on bath to a cat is neccesary... nothing cruel about it ...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i think it looks very cute. but very hideous

Anonymous Awesome said...
Wow okay Anonymous @ the top,
Ur gay
Its a cat who is wet.
Big deal
get a life and stop critizing ppl on the internet.
u kno,
i hope someone does throw u in the shower and take a pic and post it on the intrenet.
i bet ur ugly!
anyway cute pic!!

Anonymous Parkay said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
hes not ugly, he just wet

posted by mightycool :)