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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Black Cat"I'm so cool with my new sunglasses!"
Tiger family in love Cat City
Written at 12:28 AM by The Boy with funny pictures.
Anonymous loriezon said...
really funny I imagine his eyes

Anonymous Anonymous said...
it looks likee a little ozzy osbourne cat... he rules

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Man, that cat's got the blues!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
got it going on ,,yes ha

Blogger Norskejente said...
A feline John Lennon! Cute!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
aa hahahahahahahahhahahahaha

my friend loved this picture!!

it was her myspace layout
in no shes a LOSER

Anonymous TheGoldfishGuy said...
Nice picture.
Meet the superstar! :-)
Or the cool cat, ladies man.
Cool blog.

Anonymous hotie said...
i got nothing to say

Anonymous Anonymous said...
he looks like doctor funk